Powerful adaptogen: it strengthens the immune system and effectively restores the body
after injuries of different nature. Widely used in medicine, cosmetics, cooking.


It has strong antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, healing properties. Contributes to calming the
nervous system, tones the blood vessels and heart function, increases blood pressure,
stimulates sweating, eliminates immunodeficiency states. Used for upper respiratory tract,
sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, relieves swelling, pain and inflammation. It is used as an
antitussive for bronchitis, thinning mucus, an expectorant, antiasthmatic agent, soothes
cough and hoarseness. Eliminates the inflammation, swelling and pain in sores and
periodontal disease. Promotes rapid healing of wounds, has absorbing effects with bruises,
bruises, scars, bruises.
It stimulates efficiency, mental activity, eliminates depression, helps to adapt to
circumstances, eliminates emotional lability, excessive reliance on the opinion of others, loss
of control, a collapse of will, hysteria. Clears the head and eyes, relieves emotional stress,
increases in spirituality rituals. Helps with anxiety, fatigue and nervous tension
Anti-inflammatory gynecological diseases.
Reduces inflammation, swelling, itching, bacterial and autoimmune dermatitis, weeping


Has a slight cooling effect, cleanses, tones the face and body, and normalizes the function of
the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, promotes healing of problem skin, evens out the
complexion, eliminates allergies. Due to cooling, lymph drainage effect («cool-therapy»),
gidrolat instantly soothes skin after the most traumatic procedures (deep cleansing,
extraction of comedones) and gross manipulation (peels, dermabrasion). Strengthens hair,

treats hives, acne, eczema, seborrhea and dandruff. Eliminates redness and irritation.
Relieves itching, inflammation from insect bites, and irritation caused by the sun.


Used in salads made with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, soup beans and potatoes, fried
pork chop, zrazy of beef, and pickles. Gives a spicy ground meat, pate, cheese pasta, sauces
and dishes of fish and beans. It is used in pickling cucumbers, tomatoes and olives.

Methods of Use

Used for rinsing, compress, as a tonic supplement to the mask, scrubs, foams, creams.


Contraindicated in epilepsy, pregnancy and breast-feeding. Be careful with hypertension. It
is best to avoid in small children. Hydrolate hyssop is best used in small doses, in the short

Shelf Life

Can be stored up to two years. Store after store opening in a sealed container in the
refrigerator for 3-4 months. You can freeze it.