The aroma is tartly herbaceous. Does not smell like fresh basil. Taste
undiluted intense, reminiscent of laurel, refreshing. In the breeding, the taste is
mild, with all the tints of mint freshness.

Restores the work of the whole organism in stressful conditions. One of the
valuable sources of vitamin P, rutin, provitamin A.
Tones the nervous system, strengthens the nerve cells, eliminates asthenia,
muscle tension, restores a sense of peace.

restores blood circulation and the entire respiratory system.
Eliminates spasms in the intestines and bloating, stimulates the work of the large
intestine. Eliminates colitis, is effective in Crohn's disease. Eliminates eructation,
reflux, diaphragmatic hernia.
When combined with melissa eliminates nervous breakdowns.


Suitable for all skin types, as well as fading and sensitive. Nourishes, cleanses,
moisturizes and regenerates the skin.


Apply inside, rubbing, rinsing, compresses. Add pesto to the dressing, for
dressing salads and soups.


There are no contraindications.


Shelf life 36 months. After opening, store in a tightly closed container for up to 8
months. You can freeze it.