The aroma is dry, warm, herbaceous and hay fever, with a feeling of hot summers
and dusty hills.


Strong pain reliever and hemostatic agent. Effective in the treatment of wounds,
internal hemorrhages and injuries, bone fractures. Well restores organs in
inflammatory processes in the lungs, kidneys, liver, eliminates edema. Well
removes scars with damage to muscles and skin.
An effective tool for endometriosis, myoma and painful lunar periods.
A unique remedy for further care after any surgery, accelerates the healing of cuts
and acupuncture, reduces swelling and bruising, as well as accelerates
detoxification of the liver after anesthesia.
Eliminates gingivitis, fatigue and bleeding gums.
Quickly restores health and strength after prolonged illness, especially when
combined with hydrolytic wood. Restores all functions of the liver.
Treats psoriasis and eczema, calms all kinds of skin itching, allergy.


Effective for sensitive, mature or tired skin and helps to heal through hair.This is
also a miracle for cleaning and healing of tattoos and piercings.

For the future, wiping, rinsing, compresses.

There are no antagonisms.

Shelf Life

The period of application is 36 months. After opening, store in a closed container
in a refrigerator for up to 8 months. You can freeze it.