Lavandula Angustifolia has antiseptic, restorative, refreshing and strong flavor, action.
It is used in medicine, cosmetics, cooking, home.

It is recommended primarily for external use. Hydrolate harmless and domestic use, but does
not taste very nice.
Removes inflammation, swelling for cuts, scratches and wounds (including children).
Relieves anger, irritation, insomnia (baths, spray on the body and bed linen). Used as a
sedative for anxiety, anxiety, tension, anger, aggression, impatience. Used as an analgesic
and anti-inflammatory drug for pain and cramps, painful menstruation, when the tides
(compresses, baths). Painkiller for headaches, backache, neck tension, stress (compresses to
the problem area).
Relieves stress and mental fatigue, helps with violating circadian rhythms. Suitable for
hyperactive people and those who are sensitive to strong smells.
A powerful antiseptic, reduces inflammation of the mouth when sores, eliminates bad breath.
Anti-inflammatory remedy for gastritis with high acidity.
Children. Skin Care newborns and infants, and treatment of miliaria rash on the skin.
Contributes to the rapid fall asleep baby when spraying nursery.


It soothes, refreshes and regenerates damaged and thinning of the skin. Cleans and refreshes
all skin types, acne. Helps heal scars, prevents wrinkles, reduces redness and irritation,
soothes itching. Used to soothe the skin, removing the itching and burning after a sunburn,
insect bites. Helps prevent stretch marks and restores skin with eczema and psoriasis, as well
as slow down the aging of the skin. It nourishes and protects the skin of the body after sun
exposure (aerosol). Soothes sensitive skin after shaving.
It nourishes and strengthens hair, moisturizes and restores luster dull hair (rinse or spray on
dry hair). Removes odor and refreshes feet (aerosol)
the kitchen

The smell of lavender hydrolate can enliven fruit salad of yellow fruit (peaches, apricots,
figs), give the delicate flavor white meat, add a bit of creative desserts (sorbet, cream).
Perfect accompaniment to a variety of fruit in jam.
At home

Natural disinfectant, air freshener and flavoring. Poured into an iron for ironing, cleans and
perfumes clothes. Natural room freshener. Refreshing spray for room. In domestic animals,
expels parasites – lice and fleas (baths, spray).

Methods of Use

Hydrolate can be used for spraying, rinsing, wiping, compresses, baths.

Storage life

Can be stored up to two years. Keep after opening 6-8 months in the refrigerator. After 24
months the intensity of the odor may be reduced.